Pennsylvania Grants

1675 Foundation 
The 1675 Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals and families through the support of non–profit organizations working in the areas of arts & culture, education, the environment, health, human services and history. Priority is given to organizations serving Philadelphia and Chester Counties in southeastern Pennsylvania and other geographic areas of interest to the Trustees.

Addison H. Gibson Foundation 
In his will, Addison Gibson specified that the majority of his multi–million dollar fortune be used to help improve quality of life for needy western Pennsylvanians in two specific ways –– higher education and medical care. Because of his vision, the Addison H. Gibson Foundation has quietly provided assistance to thousands of qualifying western Pennsylvanians for over 65 years.

Advanta Foundation 
Advanta's business focus is on helping small businesses and business professionals get the credit they deserve and the financing they need to thrive and grow. True success also includes helping the community to thrive and grow. It means feeding the community's roots through urban renewal and affordable housing projects, watering its spirit with support for the arts, and strengthening the body through health and human services initiatives as well...

Allegheny Foundation 
The Allegheny Foundation concentrates its giving in the Western Pennsylvania area and confines most of its grant awards to programs for historic preservation, civic development and education. The Foundation does not make grants to individuals. Proposals for the following are usually declined: event sponsorships, endowments, capital campaigns, renovations or government agencies.

Allen Hilles Fund - Philadelphia 
The Allen Hilles Fund is a charitable foundation that provides financial support in the areas of children's education, women's issues, economic development in disadvantaged communities, and activities of the Religious Society of Friends. The Fund was established by Edith Hilles Dewees in memory of her father, Thomas Allen Hilles, and began operation in 1983. The Fund supports children’s education, women’s issues, economic developm...

AmerisourceBergen Charitable Contributions Program - TX, PA, Quebec 
The mission for the AmerisourceBergen Charitable Contributions Program is to serve local institutions and agencies in communities where the company operates through direct donations, volunteer support and healthcare education. Our contributions program focuses on improving the mental, social and physical well–being of the elderly populations in those communities. Special consideration for contributions will be given to qualifying programs in which Am...

Andrea Cavitolo Foundation 
The mission of the Andrea Cavitolo Foundation is to support children's medical and educational causes, as well as services for the elderly. Founded in 1995 the foundation supports organizations which provide services and resources to vulnerable children, students, and low–income senior citizens.

Andy Russell Charitable Foundation 
The Andy Russell Charitable Foundation was created in March of 1999 primarily to contribute funds to children’s charities. The Foundation hopes to support a number of programs, particularly important mediation research organizations concentrating on those for children.

ARAMARK - Philadelphia 
At ARAMARK, we enrich the communities where we live and work. We connect our diverse expertise, resources, and time to help improve the lives of those in need. Through volunteerism, grants and in–kind support we reach millions of people each year helping to provide access to food, clothing and safe environments; building critical employment and career skills; and encouraging families to live a healthier lifestyle through community health and wellness...

Armstrong County Community Foundation 
The Foundation is open to a wide range of requests that strengthen our communities and provide opportunities for our residents. The Community Foundation challenges creative partners in our community to suggest the best way to address problems that result in long–term solutions. The Community Foundation makes grants in the following areas: Arts & Culture, Community/Civic Affairs, Education, Health, Human Services.


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