Disability Grants

Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation 
The Foundation mission is to advance the well being of children in all parts of the world regardless of national, cultural, religious or ethnic heritage; to aid and assist in providing the basic needs of food, shelter, health and education to such children, and to relieve the suffering of children with mental and physical handicaps. Proposals are being considered on a regular basis.

Dr. Scholl Foundation 
The Dr. Scholl Foundation is dedicated to providing financial assistance to organizations committed to improving our world. Solutions to the problems of today's world still lie in the values of innovation, practicality, hard work, and compassion. Application for grants are considered in the following areas: Programs for children, developmentally disabled, senior citizens, civic and cultural institutions, social service agencies, hospitals and health c...

Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation - Scholarships for Disabled Women - Natio... 
The vision of The Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation, Inc. (ELA) is to “Change the Face of Disability on the Planet.” Having been disabled by a spinal cord tumor at the age of two, I have firsthand knowledge of the needs and opportunities that are available to a woman with a disability. Through ELA, scholarships are offered to women with disabilities who are currently pursuing graduate degrees.

Grants Fundraising.com 
Grants Fundraising.com's purpose is to help spread the word about grants programs initiatives and fundraising opportunities from foundations, 501c3 non“profits organizations and private sector sources by posting those initiatives on our site. If your organization, foundation or fundraising company has grants opportunities and you are looking to spread the word about it we invite you to contact us about it so we may be able to post your grant i...

Helen Keller Foundation 
The Helen Keller Foundation for Research and Education strives to prevent blindness by advancing vision research and education. The Foundation aspires to be a leader in integrating vision research with the greater biomedical research community, by creating and coordinating a peer–reviewed, worldwide network of investigators and institutions.

Informed Consumer's Guide to Funding Assistive Technology 
With the advent of new technology, more and more options exist to enable persons with disabilities to live independently, to achieve higher levels of education, to participate in activities of the workplace, and to engage in hobbies and recreational activities. With the awareness of the existence of technology, persons with disabilities and their families expect access to that technology.

Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation 
The Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation focuses on areas where Jay and Rose saw the greatest need: efforts to combat discrimination and honor diversity, self–sufficiency, health, education and programs for people with disabilities.

Karl Kirchgessner Foundation 
The Foundation™s purposes are exclusively charitable and are accomplished primarily through support of institutions actively engaged in the provision of services in the field of vision, principally to disadvantaged persons such as the young, the elderly, and the handicapped. Typical applicants are organizations which seek to help the blind and other vision–impaired individuals to become self–sufficient. Particular consideration is given...

Kessler Foundation - NY NJ & Pennsylvania 
Kessler Foundation strives to improve the lives of people with physical disabilities caused by stroke, multiple sclerosis, brain and spinal cord injury, and other chronic neurologic and musculoskeletal conditions. The Board of Trustees of Kessler Foundation has decided to strategically focus the majority of its external grant allocations toward increasing the employment of people with physical disabilities.

Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation 
The Foundation provides national grants to projects and organizations throughout the United States that are focused on the full inclusion of young people with disabilities in society, giving preference to areas where Mitsubishi Electric facilities are located.


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