Tennessee Grants

1st and 10 Foundation - WV, TN, FL 
Chad and Robin Pennington created the 1st and 10 Foundation in 2003 with the mission to build stronger communities by funding programs and institutions that seek to improve quality of life throughout West Virginia, Tennessee and South Florida. Requests for grants are accepted from charitable non–profit agencies and organizations actively working to fulfill the Foundation's goal of building stronger communities. All grant requests are given caref...

Appalachian Community Fund 
The Appalachian Community Fund (ACF) is a publicly supported, non–profit grantmaking organization that provides resources and support to grassroots organizations working to overcome the underlying causes of poverty and injustice in Central Appalachia (East Tennessee, Eastern Kentucky, Southwest Virginia and West Virginia). On the journey to justice, our vision is to work for the day when Appalachia's land, air and water are saved from destructio...

Assisi Foundation of Memphis 
The Assisi Foundation of Memphis, Inc. (The Foundation) supports innovative and established programs that address the needs of Mid–South residents in the categories of: Healthcare and Human Services, Education and Literacy, Social Justice/Ethics, Cultural Enrichment and the Arts.

Benwood Foundation - Chattanooga, Tennessee 
The Benwood Foundation, a private foundation located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, has identified four focus areas that are critical to the future of the community and are within the reach of philanthropy to affect in a positive and long–term way: Public Education, Arts & Culture, Environment, Neighborhood & Community Development.

Calipari Family Foundation For Children - KY, TN 
The Calipari Family Foundation For Children is dedicated to the betterment of the lives of underprivileged children in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and also in Memphis, Tennessee, where the Foundation was started.

Clayton Family Foundation 
The Clayton Family Foundation is a private foundation, established in 1992 by James L. Clayton, a native of Chester County, Tennessee. The foundation is committed to enhancing the quality of life for individuals, families and organizations in communities where the Clayton family lives, works, and enjoys financial success. Grants are primarily awarded where Clayton Banks and other family businesses are located. Rarely are grants awarded to organizations loc...

Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga 
The Foundation created the Open Grants process to encourage, inspire, and improve lives in the community of Greater Chattanooga. Focus funding areas include Community Based Initiatives dealing with: Health Behaviors, Basic Human Needs/Social Services, Neighborhood Revitalization, The Needs of Immigrant Populations, Early Childhood Development Birth through Grade 3, Improved College Access. Proposed programs are limited to a maximum request of $20,000, and...

Community Foundation of Greater Memphis 
The mission of the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis is to strengthen our community through philanthropy. Through our Community Partnership Fund, we support initiatives and good work in the arts, education, the environment, animal welfare, health services and research, mental health, community building, hunger and shelter, disaster relief, youth, human services, philanthropy and religious institutions.

Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee 
The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee awards grants for a broad array of charitable purposes in the areas of education, health, social services, scholarships and for general community programs that improve the well–being of the residents of the Middle Tennessee area.

Cornerstone Foundation of Knoxville 
The purpose of Cornerstone Foundation of Knoxville is to serve as a catalyst to reach our God–given potential as a community. our funding and activities are focused on the Greater Knoxville geographic area, and on specific priorities resulting from extensive research to determine the most effective strategic actions that can be taken to reach our full potential as a community. The Foundation will proactively concentrate its grant–making, other...


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