Computers & Technology

Acclinet Technology Grant 
Acclinet, an independent reseller of Sun Microsystems equipment, offers donated Sun servers, Sun workstations, Sun storage solutions and other hardware to those learning and teaching UNIX and open source technologies and nonprofit organizations dedicated to childrens issues.

Adobe Systems, Inc.Software Donation Program 
Adobe is pleased to support primary and secondary schools (U.S. K–12) and qualified nonprofit organizations/NGOs with donations of our latest version software. Adobe's Software Donation Program allows schools and nonprofits/NGOs to request a maximum of four (4) software packages per year.

Cable and Wireless Company Community Involvement 
Working in partnership with local groups to ensure that our contribution meets their needs, we support a range of initiatives worldwide. Our focus is on international projects that promote the understanding of communications through training and education. As part of our commitment to closing the 'digital divide', we look to assist people and communities who are at risk of exclusion from the world of technology–enabled opportunity.

Computer for Schools - Canada 
The Computer for Schools program is a joint initiative of the Government of Canada, the Government of Manitoba, and the Manitoba Telecom Pioneers. Our purpose is to recycle surplus computer equipment to benefit schools, libraries, literacy, volunteer groups and Community Access sites located in Manitoba.

Computer Recycling Center 
Computers & Education has an effective computer re–use program, providing refurbished computers to public schools and community nonprofits. Computers & Education and Computer Recycling Corporation serves northern and central California through programs in Sunnyvale (Silicon Valley), San Francisco, and Santa Rosa, and serves Southern California through its partnership with Building Horizons.

Computers for Charity - UK 
Computers for Charity is a non–profitmaking organisation whose aim is to promote access to, and use of, Information Technology by community groups. We achieve our aim by recycling computer systems donated by industry thereby helping to close the loop and reduce waste. Please note that we no longer build new systems.

Computers for Learning 
Computers for Learning (CFL) places computers in our classrooms and prepares our children to contribute and compete in the 21st century. This CFL website connects the registered needs of schools and educational nonprofit organizations with computer equipment made available free of charge from government agencies and the private sector.

Computers for Youth 
Computers for Youth inspires low–income children to become more engaged in their learning so they can succeed in school and become life–long learners. Our focus is on children's learning environment at home and its connection to what happens in the classroom. CFY's goal is to expand our innovative, low–cost program throughout New York City and to replicate it elsewhere.

Computerworks Global 
The Tech Mobile is our first project. This is a mobile Computer classroom that teaches basic computer skills to the underserved. The ultimate objective of Tech Mobile is to rectify and augment the academic viability of inner city youth, adults, seniors and the disabled, through computer training and literacy. Through our operating Tech Mobile, CG will close the technology gap.

Dell Foundation 
The Foundation supports a wide range of programs that benefit children newborn to 18 years of age in Dell's principle US locations, and welcomes proposals from non–profit organizations that address the health and human services, the education, and the technology access for youth.


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