Illinois Grants

3Arts supports Chicago artists working in the fields of music, theater, and visual arts. Our focus is on women, people of color, and people with disabilities in recognition that their work is still underrepresented in mainstream culture. 3Arts provides both direct awards to artists and grants to arts organizations for their support of artists.

A. Montgomery Ward Foundation 
The A. Montgomery Ward Foundation was established by his daughter, Marjorie Montgomery Ward Baker, in 1959 to support and strengthen charitable institutions that provide quality educational and cultural programming for the current and future residents of Chicago, Illinois, and its surrounding communities. Areas of funding interest include Arts, Culture, & Humanities; Education. The Foundation has biannual deadlines of April 30 and October 31. Grant dec...

AIDS Foundation of Chicago 
The mission of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago is to lead the fight against HIV/AIDS and improve the lives of people affected by the epidemic. We collaborate with community organizations to develop and improve HIV/AIDS services; fund and coordinate prevention, care, and advocacy projects; and champion effective, compassionate HIV/AIDS policy.

Albert Pick Jr. Fund - Chicago, Illinois 
The Albert Pick, Jr. Fund is an Illinois nonprofit corporation organized in 1947 as a general–purpose private foundation. To focus its resources, the Fund considers requests only from nonprofits with offices and separately budgeted programs operating within the City of Chicago. Areas of funding interest include Civic and Community, Culture, Education, Health & Human Services

Albert Pick, Jr. Fund 
The Albert Pick, Jr. Fund considers requests only from nonprofits with offices and separately budgeted programs operating within the City of Chicago. The Fund will review applications from civic and community–based organizations working to improve the City and its individual neighborhoods. Additionally, programs that enhance the environment, address the needs of minorities and the physically disabled and/or promote good government and human relations...

Alfred Bersted Foundation 
The Alfred Bersted Foundation was established in 1972 to support and promote quality educational, human services, and health care programming for underserved populations. The Alfred Bersted Foundation specifically serves the people of DeKalb, DuPage, Kane, & McHenry counties in Illinois. Areas of funding interest include Education; Health; Human Services. The Foundation has a rolling application deadline. In general, applicants will be notified of gran...

Alsdorf Foundation - Illinois & National 
The Alsdorf Foundation supports organizations in the areas of the humanities, education, medical, religious and horticultural endeavors, primarily interested in grants toward specific programs and does not support individuals or political advocacy. The Alsdorf Foundation does not accept any unsolicited proposals. Your letter of intent should not exceed 2 pages on the background of the organization, proposed project with budget and other funding sources and...

Ameren’s Corporate Charitable Trust - Missouri, Illinois 
Each year, millions of dollars are donated to programs in education, services for the youth and elderly, and the environment in Ameren™s Missouri and Illinois service areas. Contributions to the Ameren Corporate Trust come entirely from corporate earnings and are not charged to customers as a business expense.

Arie and Ida Crown Memorial 
The Arie and Ida Crown Memorial (AICM) supports programs that offer opportunities to the disadvantaged, strengthens the bond of families, and improves the quality of people™s lives. As a general rule, the Foundation funds organizations that serve the greater Chicago area as well as organizations that serve the broader Jewish community.

Arthur Foundation 
The Foundation recognizes that actual health care or health related service is only one of the factors determining the health status of individuals and families of these same communities. The health of the people is also determined by the educational status of its people, especially its youth. Therefore, the Foundation will also consider grant requests that foster and improve education and educational opportunities. To implement the educational aspect...


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