Children Youth & Family Grants

Cedar Foundation - Education & Children - USA, South Africa, Kenya & Mexico 
The Cedar Foundation provides funding to enable students in disadvantaged circumstances to have the opportunity for high–quality education through college/university. This is done through partnership support of orphanages, schools, and other charitable organizations providing academic development to children in USA, Mexico, South Africa and Kenya.

Child Foundation 
As an international charity, Child Foundation helps children living in poverty to remain in school. The children sponsored through our programs are high achievers, and many of the children we assist are orphans or children living in emergency situations. By enhancing the quality of life for children in need, as well as their respective families, we actively help them gain access to education.

CJ Foundation for SIDS - National Focus 
The CJ Foundation is committed to developing, implementing and providing funding for education and awareness programs so that the message of risk reduction reaches every potential population. The CJ Foundation is national in scope and also supports bereavement and counseling services for those families that have lost a baby to SIDS.

Clorox Company Foundation 
The mission of The Clorox Company Foundation is to improve the quality of life in communities where Clorox employees live and work. Community involvement is an integral part of our business and is carried out through a program of grant–making, volunteerism and leadership in community service. The Foundation concentrates on two focus areas: education/youth development and culture/civic programs. The Foundation may shift funding priorities from year to...

Colin Higgins Foundation 
The Colin Higgins Foundation focuses its support on organizations and projects that work with youth; rural and reservation communities; communities of color; transgender communities; and low–income communities.

Countess Moira Charitable Foundation - Children - Global Focus 
The foundation’s mission is to aid the well–being of youth anywhere in the World. The foundation has underwritten several life–saving medical operations for indigent children in addition to supporting charitable organizations that focus on the betterment of youth. The foundation makes grants to private nonprofit or public tax–exempt organizations for purposes defined under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We welcome...

Cricket Island Foundation - Youth 
The mission of the Cricket Island Foundation is to develop the capacity and commitment of young people to improve their lives and communities, as well as the world around them. We support youth led social change organizations that effectively engage young people as leaders. We also support efforts to build the field of youth led social change, such that society embraces young people as change agents and as active decisions makers. The Foundation does not a...

DanPaul Foundation - National 
The DanPaul Foundation will use its resources to help train teachers and parents in early childhood development, protect children from abuse and neglect, stimulate their personal social responsibilities, and offer them opportunities for enrichment and growth into adulthood and beyond. The foundation will also encourage children to be concerned and informed about the environment and the underprivileged, particularly with regard to clean air and water, and a...

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption 
The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption raises national awareness about the need for adoptive familes for foster care children and awards grants to adoption organizations that aggressively move children from foster care to adoptive homes.

David and Lucile Packard Foundation 
Guided by the business philosophy and values of our Founders, we invest in innovative people and organizations to improve the lives of children, enable the creative pursuit of science, advance reproductive health, and conserve and restore earth's natural systems. Core Grantmaking Programs – We focus the majority of our grantmaking in three program areas: Conservation and Science, Population and Reproductive Health, Children, Families, and Commun...


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