Children Youth & Family Grants

Woldar Family Foundation - National Focus 
The Woldar Family Foundation was established to create a legacy of giving from The Family to the greater community for the betterment of peoples’ lives. We fund selected charities with an emphasis on helping children, funding research for medical advancement, educational institutions and the care for the less fortunate. We keep an open scope in the charities we evaluate each year and strive to support the Jewish ideals of Tzedukah.

World Childhood Foundation - International 
The World Childhood Foundation is presently supporting projects in 15 countries. All Childhood projects, no matter where they are situated geographically, have the goal to help children in vulnerable situations. The target groups of a project proposal must be clearly stated and defined. Childhood does not accept applications from private persons. The Foundation accepts applications for projects in the following countries: Belarus, Brazil, Estonia, China, G...

World of Children Award 
The World of Children Award provides funding and recognition for individuals serving children in need. We are now accepting nominations for our 2013 Health, Humanitarian, and Youth Awards.

World of Children Awards 
Dear Friends, Greetings from the World of Children Awards Each year our organization issues a Call for Nominations in search of three different award recipients, all working to improve the lives of children world–wide. To learn more, please visit our site and click 'Click Here to Nominate.' Best, Jenn

Wrigley Chewing Gum Company - Global Focus 
Established in 1987 to formalize the giving of grants and donations, the Foundation has distributed more than $40 million to non–profit organizations worldwide. The Wrigley Foundation continues to refine its giving by focusing on issues important to us all, today's youth and the environment.

Youth Service America 
Founded in 1986, YSA's mission is to strengthen the effectiveness, sustainability, and scale of the youth service and service–learning fields. A strong youth service movement will create healthy communities and foster citizenship, knowledge, and the personal development of young people. YSA envisions a powerful network of organizations committed to making service and service–learning the common expectation and common experience of all youn...


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