Social Justice & Society Grants

Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund 
The Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund honors the legacy and values of its founders, and provides resources and leadership for creative, risk–taking philanthropy. This includes a strong connection to the local San Francisco community and California, a lifelong concern about the environment, dedication to strengthening civic life, and a deep and unwavering commitment to the Jewish people and Israel.

Robert Sterling Clark Foundation 
The Robert Sterling Clark Foundation was incorporated in 1952, and since then has provided financial assistance to a wide variety of charitable organizations. Over the years, our program guidelines have evolved and changed. At present, we are concentrating our resources in the following three fields: Protecting Reproductive Rights and Health, Strengthening Cultural Institutions, Improving the Performance of Public Institutions.

San Francisco Foundation 
Areas of funding interest include advancing social justice, promoting civic involvement, preserving the environment, enhancing public health, strengthening families, and buiding on diversity.

Sarah Scaife Foundation 
The Sarah Scaife Foundation’s grant program is primarily directed toward public policy programs that address major domestic and international issues.

Seasons Fund for Social Transformation - National Focus 
The Seasons Fund makes grants to help agents of social change view themselves, their work, and the world around them in a new light. Specifically, we support opportunities for reflection and training aimed at fostering personal transformation, building leadership skills, promoting organizational development, forging effective coalitions, and cultivating new ways of envisioning our society. We also support efforts to evaluate the impact of contemplative pra...

Shaker Family Foundation - Social Services, Education, Health. Child Welfar... 
The Shaker Family Foundation has supported hundreds of local, national and international charitable organizations committed to addressing pressing needs of the underserved through its charitable Giving Program. Some primary interests of the Foundation include: Social Services, Health Care, Education, Human Rights, Child Welfare.

Shell Oil Company 
The Shell Oil Company Foundation focus areas broadly include education, culture and the arts, civic and community, health and welfare, diversity and inclusiveness, and sustainable development interests.

Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation 
The Foundation encourages and supports policy analysis, advocacy, and research, as well as educational and artistic activities that address issues around society's changing family structure and its cultural and ethnic diversity. Our three main areas of activity are: Arts and Culture, Health and Human Services, and Civil Liberty and Social Justice. Our geographic domains are primarily, though not restricted to, the Himalayan region and the New York Cit...

Shumaker Family Foundation - National & International Focus 
Our Foundation exists to promote Social Justice, Environmental Justice, Education, and Spirituality. Within Education, we favor projects that show the fascination and potentiality of math, physical science, engineering and the Arts to young children who otherwise might not receive such exposure. While we have no geographic restrictions, we only fund international organizations with international activity and out–of–region organizations with nat...

Skoll Foundation - National Focus 
The Skoll Foundation’s mission is to drive large–scale change by investing in, connecting and celebrating social entrepreneurs and other innovators dedicated to solving the world’s most pressing problems. The Foundation invests in social entrepreneurs through the Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship. These three–year awards support the continuation, replication or extension of programs that have proved successful in addressi...


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