Human Services Grants

Ceres Foundation - West Coast & Eastern Seaboard States 
The Ceres Foundation mission is to to provide the catalyst needed to mobilize human energies and talents that lie dormant. 1) By helping people in deprived conditions to develop the skills, motivation and teamwork they need to become productive contributors to society. 2) By helping to create conditions in which people can make good use of their skills and motivation and thereby transform their lives. We will favor applicants who can best demonstrate a tan...

We are focusing our efforts on helping create sustained economic growth by building human and institutional capacity. In practice, this means targeting our resources toward the three capacity building area we consider critical to economic development: Providing for basic human needs, Supporting education and training, Aiding small– and medium–size business development.

Choice Hotels International Foundation 
The Choice Hotels International Foundation grants funds to charitable organizations that meet the Foundation's guidelines and are located in the areas where Choice Hotels International has a corporate presence. The Foundation will support these efforts by actively engaging our associates and franchisees through volunteerism and philanthropic giving. The primary areas of focus that define the Foundation's giving are: Providing shelter and food to...

Cisco Systems Social Investments - National & International Focus 
At Cisco, we believe in the power of collaboration, so many of our CSR activities are achieved through partnerships with nonprofit organizations and NGOs. We focus our grant–making activities on three issue areas: addressing critical human needs, improving access to education, and supporting economic empowerment. In order to maximize the collaborative impact of our investments, we partner with community organizations that leverage the internet and co...

Cracker Barrel Foundation 
The Cracker Barrel Foundation seeks to strengthen and preserve our community by supporting programs in the areas of education, human services, cultural affairs and the environment. Special consideration is given to programs that address children, youth and family issues, and emphasize traditional values such as hard work, education and self–reliance.

Dominion Foundation 
Dominion’s charitable contributions are primarily awarded to qualified 501(c)(3) organizations in the following categories: Environment, Education, Culture and the Arts, Civic and Community Development Health and Human Services. Because the Dominion Foundation supports a wide range of charitable programs, most grants are in the $1,000 to $15,000 range. Higher amounts may be awarded when a program is an exceptional fit with corporate business&ndas...

Dr. G. Clifford & Florence B. Decker Foundation 
The purpose of the Dr. G. Clifford & Florence B. Decker Foundation is to assist bona fide charitable organizations, focusing primarily on educational, medical and medical research institutions, and cultural and human service organizations providing principal service to the residents of Broome County.

DuPont Contributions Program 
Each year, DuPont contributes to numerous efforts that meet the needs of various groups and global communities where the company operates. Areas of support include: Educational programs; Culture & the arts; Environmental initiatives; Human & health service organizations; and Civic & community activities.

Eastman Kodak Company 
Eastman Kodak's primary focus is at our site communities, but also includes national and international support. Focus is on the following general areas: Community Revitalization, Environment, and Arts & Culture; Education; Health & Human Services.

Educational Foundation of America 
The Educational Foundation of America (EFA) makes grants to qualifying non–profit organizations that have tax–exempt status and those that are not private foundations as defined in the Internal Revenue Code. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, the environment, reproductive freedom, theatre, education, medicine, drug policy reform, democracy, peace & national security issues and human services.


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