Animal & Wildlife Grants

Miccio Foundation - Iowa 
The Miccio Foundation's focus is to support organizations and individuals involved in animal welfare. Examples include, but are not limited to, private and governmental animal shelters, humane societies, rescue groups, volunteer foster organizations, local animal control agencies, and veterinarians. We will not support activities inconsistent with federal, state or local laws and ordinances, and we reserve the right to a phone interview or a request f...

Morris Animal Foundation 
Morris Animal Foundation (MAF) answers a critical and unique need in promoting and protecting animal health and welfare and advancing veterinary medicine.

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation 
The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation conserves healthy populations of fish, wildlife and plants, on land and in the sea, through creative and respectful partnerships, sustainable solutions, and better education.

NAVS Sanctuary Fund - National Focus 
The Sanctuary Fund has been created to serve animals who are in emergency situations, where immediate intervention is necessary; enabling groups to receive the money they need to act quickly and ensure safe and loving lifetime care for all the animals involved. The Sanctuary Fund is national in scope, and although NAVS’ primary focus is on laboratory animals, the Fund considers emergency requests for all animals, not just those used in research.

Nevada Community Foundation 
The Nevada Community Foundation has some areas of interest to which specific pools of our competitive granting dollars are allocated. Following is a guide to these areas: Capacity Building, Education, Animals, Wildlife & Conservation.

Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust - Vermont 
The Trust awards grants for program projects and capital needs, and provides application opportunities three times during the calendar year. We prefer to disperse funds as a one–year grant, but will consider projects of up to three years. Areas of funding interest: Helping people in need; Protecting animals & nature and Enriching community life.

Onaway Trust 
The Onaway Trust was established in 1974 with the overall objective to relieve poverty and suffering. This is expressed in many areas and includes the protection of the environment, the support of children and adults with learning difficulties, the assistance of smaller charities whose aim is to safeguard sick, injured, threatened or abandoned animals and emergency relief for victims of disaster. Remaining central, however, since Onaway's inception is...

Oxbow Cares Rescue Rewards Program 
Oxbow can support your rescue organization with substantial product discounts and educational resources to help meet the needs of your rescue program. The Oxbow Cares Rescue Rewards Program enhances Oxbow’s ability to provide genuine care for non–traditional animals and their caregivers by partnering with animal shelters and rescue organizations.

Pegasus Foundation 
The Pegasus Foundation improves animal welfare through effective grant making and education in the United States, the Caribbean, Native American lands and Kenya. The Foundation focuses its support of companion animal programs on spay–neuter services and humane education in several regions, including Cape Cod, Massachusetts; Southeast Florida; Native American lands in the southwestern United States; and the islands of the Caribbean.

Pet Care trust 
The Pet Care Trust in a nonprofit, charitable, public foundation. Incorporated in 1990, its purpose is to help promote public understanding regarding the value of and right to enjoy companion animals, to enhance knowledge about companion animals through research and education, to promote professionalism among members of the companion animal community, and to provide educational materials to teachers and schools, the media and the pet industry on responsib...


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