Animal & Wildlife Grants

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation 
The mission of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation is to improve the quality of people's lives through grants supporting the performing arts, wildlife conservation, medical research and the prevention of child maltreatment, and through preservation of the cultural and environmental legacy of Doris Duke's properties.

Farm's Sabina Fund 
The Sabina Fund provides grants of $500–1,000 to small grassroots projects, primarily in developing countries, promoting a vegan diet and publicizing the devastating impacts of animal agriculture. The Fund honors the memory of FARM President Alex Hershaft's mother, Sabina, who passed away on February 14, 1996.

FishAmerica Foundation 
The FishAmerica Foundation, the American Sportfishing Association's conservation and research arm, provides funding to nonprofit organizations such as sporting clubs, civic associations, conservation groups, and state agencies in the United States and Canada for projects designed to enhance fish populations, restore fish habitat, improve water quality, and advance fisheries research, thereby increasing the opportunity for sportfishing success. The Fis...

Foundation for Protection of Animals 
The Mission of the Foundation for Protection of Animals is to promote responsible human interaction with animals for their protection and welfare.

Foundation for the Protection of Animals - CO, AZ, NM 
The mission of the Foundation for the Protection of Animals is to promote responsible human interaction with animals for their protection and welfare. The Foundation strongly believes that encouraging proactive, responsible pet ownership is the key to ending the suffering of homeless animals. Currently the Foundation is working to further its mission through the funding of spay/neuter programs and participation in animal rescue operations during national o...

Frank Stanley Beveridge Foundation - Massachusetts 
The Frank Stanley Beveridge Foundation, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to consider grant proposals from the following Institutional/Program Activity Areas: Animal Related, Arts, Culture, and Humanities, Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy, Education, Employment/Jobs, Environmental Quality, Protection & Beautification, Food, Nutrition, Agriculture, Health – General & Rehabilitative Services, Health – Multipurpose Associations/Services A...

Fund for Animals - National Focus 
The Fund for Animals was founded in 1967 by prominent author and animal advocate Cleveland Amory, and has spearheaded some of the most historic and significant events in the history of the animal protection movement. With regional offices working around the country on hard–hitting animal advocacy campaigns, and animal care facilities such as the world–famous Black Beauty Ranch, The Fund is one of the largest and most active organizations workin...

Fund for Wild Nature 
The Fund for Wild Nature (Fund) provides money for campaigns to save and restore native species and wild ecosystems, including actions to defend wilderness and biological diversity. If your project is not clearly and directly connected to these priorities, please clearly explain the link.

Gabriel Foundation 
The Gabriel Foundation is pleased to support responsible and ethical breeders who implement the very best standards of care for the needs of the psittacine and parrot–like birds raised and housed in their aviaries. They are dedicated to the environmental and psychological nurturance and enrichment of these birds’ lives, pursuing continuing education in the fields of aviculture, husbandry, behavior and veterinary care.

Glaser Progress Foundation 
The Glaser Progress Foundation focuses on four program areas: Measuring Progress, Animal Advocacy, Independent Media, Global HIV/AIDS. The Foundation does not accept grant proposals or solicitations for the Global HIV/AIDS program area. Though frequently asked, the Foundation does not fund companion animal shelters or animal sanctuaries.


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