Religion Grants

The Chatanooga Christian Community Foundation 
The Chattanooga Christian Community Foundation makes grants only to non–profit, tax–exempt Christian ministries and to institutions which are tax–exempt and agree to act as a receiving agent and fund manager. The agent, as well as the applicant, will be accountable to the Foundation for the proper expenditure of the funds.

The Grace and Franklin Bernsen Foundation 
The Grace and Franklin Bernsen Foundation was created in 1968 to provide grants in support of religious, charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes, or for the prevention of cruelty to children. By policy, the Foundation limits its grants to non–profit organizations in and around Tulsa, Oklahoma, the home of Grace and Franklin Bernsen for more than six decades.

The Trust for the Meditation Process 
The Trust for the Meditation Process is a charitable foundation encouraging meditation and contemplative practice among Christians. We make grants to nonprofit organizations that reclaim and teach Christian contemplative traditions, that introduce meditation in the Christian community and that further our understanding of contemplative practice in all spiritual traditions.

Zimmer Family Foundation - Religion, Education - National & International F... 
The Zimmer Family Foundation is a small foundation located in Sarasota, Florida for the purpose of supporting religious, educational and social programs‚Ķlocally, nationally and internationally‚Ķthat bring help and hope to the less fortunate, primarily by seeding short–term pilot projects that have the potential of self–support.


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