Religion Grants

Crowell Trust - Colorado 
The Crowell Trust was established in 1927 by Henry Parsons Crowell (founder of The Quaker Oats Company), and is dedicated to the teaching and active extension of the doctrines of Evangelical Christianity through approved grants to qualified organizations. The Trustees of The Crowell Trust continue to follow the directives for grantmaking which Henry Parsons Crowell established in his original indenture. Mr. Crowell identified candidates for grants from amo...

Dale and Edna Walsh Foundation - National Focus 
In December, 1994, Dale and Edna Walsh set up an Illinois based 501(c)(3) private charitable contribution foundation named the Dale and Edna Walsh Foundation. We refer to ourselves as DEW Foundation or simply DEW. The first step in the application process is to submit a letter of inquiry (LOI) via the Foundation's Web site or by mail. The Foundation contributes to medical, relief, welfare, education, community service, ministries and environmental pro...

Deaconess Community Foundation 
The Deaconess Community Foundation provides resources that help organizations empower people to become self–sufficient. The Foundationā€™s actions are guided by the spiritual traditions of the United Church of Christ.

DEW Foundation - Education, Arts, Religion, Environment - National Focus 
The DEW Foundation supports a wide range of charitable activities from social services and ministries, to education and the arts. The Foundation contributes to medical, relief, welfare, education, community service, ministries and environmental programs, and arts organizations. An organization must have current 501(c)(3) Public Charity status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), be a government entity, or be an IRS–recognized tribe. Organizations...

Dewan Foundation 
The Dewan Foundation was established in January 2000 following the completion of the sale of STATS. Inc. , a sports information company founded by John and Susan Dewan in the 1980's. The foundation provides financial support and assistance to organizations that provide direct services to people in poverty. Faith–based organizations are a focus of grant making. Self–help projects that transform lives are a special interest. Grants will focu...

Eustace Foundation - Northeastern United States 
The Eustace Foundation has historically provided most of its funding to religious or educational organizations affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church. Most of these organizations are located in the Northeastern U.S., and range in size from small, local charities to worldwide organizations.

Faith in Action 
Faith in Action is an interfaith volunteer caregiving initiative of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Local Faith in Action programs bring together volunteers from many faiths to work together to care for their neighbors who have long–term health needs.

Fieldstone Foundation 
The Fieldstone Foundation was created by the Fieldstone Group of Companies (Fieldstone) in 1983 to provide grants, leadership development and service to nonprofit organizations working to support individuals in the communities where the companies within Fieldstone do business: Orange, Riverside, North Los Angeles and San Diego Counties in Southern California, Salt Lake City in Utah, and San Antonio in Texas. The Foundation allocates its resources in four g...

For Kids Only 
For Kids Only seeks to fund programs with specific faith based components geared towards ā€œat riskā€ children from newborn to twelve years that further their mission, have specific measurable spiritual and academic outcomes, and serve as a model in their local community.

Ford Foundation 
Grants and PRIs are given in the Foundation's fields of interest through a program division encompassing three broad areas: Asset Building and Community Development; Education, Media, Arts, and Culture; and Peace and Social Justice.


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