Women Grants

Eleanor Foundation 
The Eleanor Foundation is a research–driven public grantmaking fund that helps create the conditions for working women to achieve sustained economic independence. The Eleanor Foundation is a catalyst—serving as Chicago's only public grant–making fund focused exclusively on helping working women achieve sustained economic independence. We take a social venture approach to philanthropy: Research–Driven Programs, Engaged Investo...

Eleanor Roosevelt Fund Award 
Established in 1989, the Eleanor Roosevelt Fund Award honors an individual, project, organization, or institution for outstanding contributions to equity and education for women and girls. The award is given for a broad range of activities including classroom teaching, educational and research contributions, and legal and legislative work in equity for women and girls. While the award focuses on education, the recipient need not be an educator.

Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation - Scholarships for Disabled Women - Natio... 
The vision of The Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation, Inc. (ELA) is to “Change the Face of Disability on the Planet.” Having been disabled by a spinal cord tumor at the age of two, I have firsthand knowledge of the needs and opportunities that are available to a woman with a disability. Through ELA, scholarships are offered to women with disabilities who are currently pursuing graduate degrees.

Federated Department Stores Foundation 
The Federated Department Stores Foundation focuses giving primarily in the areas of education, arts/culture, women's issues, HIV/AIDS, and programs to assist youth and minorities. Applicants seeking funding for programs or projects that directly benefit one or more of these areas of strategic focus should make that clear on their applications.

Flora Family Foundation 
The Flora Family Foundation supports public benefit organizations working throughout the world in education, health, arts and culture, the environment, global security, civic engagement, and the advancement of women.

Fund for Nonviolence 
The Fund for Nonviolence cultivates and supports community–based efforts to bring about social change that moves humanity towards a more just and compassionate coexistence. We have identified three priority areas which inform our funding: women in poverty, children (with an emphasis on girls), and challenging state–sponsored violence.

Georgia-Pacific Foundation 
The purpose of the Georgia–Pacific Foundation is to help create and fund those programs and initiatives that add value to, and measurably improve, the quality of life within the communities where Georgia–Pacific employees live and work. The Foundation supports quality programs in Education, Literacy, Environment, Women and Minorities Entrepreneurship Arts & Culture, Youth Enrichment and Community Enhancement. Please visit our blog for locat...

Girls Going Places® Entrepreneurship Award Program 
Guardian's annual initiative designed to reward the enterprising spirits of girls ages 12 to 18. Guardian awards prizes to 15 girls who demonstrate budding entrepreneurship; are taking the first steps toward financial independence; and make a difference in their schools and communities. Prizes totaling $30,000 are granted to three top winners and 12 finalists each year, to further their entrepreneurial pursuits or save for college.

Global Fund for Women 
The Global Fund for Women supports women's groups that advance the human rights of women and girls. We strengthen women's right groups based outside the United States by providing small, flexible, and timely grants ranging from $500 to $20,000 for operating and program expenses.

Grameen Foundation 
The Grameen Foundation helps the world’s poorest, especially women, improve their lives and escape poverty through access to microfinance and technology. With a footprint in 36 nations, Grameen Foundation is able to identify local needs and share best practices and lessons learned to enhance and expand local programs that move women from poverty to financial self–sufficiency.


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