Candles Fundraising

Just for me Candle Fundraising 
Over the years, Just for Me has supplied countless profitable fundraisers. Their soy candles are the highest quality, and always in demand. In addition to school fundraising activities. Just for Me Candles are great for cheerleader fundraisers, church fundraisers, band fundraisers, and sports team fundraisers.

"Love That Smell" Candles 
Love That Smell” Candles provides a fantastic fundraiser idea with premium quality, triple–scented, 8 oz jar candles, manufactured in Church Hill, TN, with U.S.A. ingredients and lead free wicks. The candles burn clean, all the way to the bottom of the jar for 50–70 hours.

Aromalight Candle Co., Inc 
Great candle fundraiser. There is no minimum on the number of participants required to conduct a fundraiser. We proudly offer our programs to all groups, large and small¡ Your group keeps 50% to 60% of the sales price of each candle sold. Sell up to 499 candles – 50% Profit¡ – Sell 500 candles or more – 60 %Profit¡

Candle Fundraiser Program By Fundraiser Superstore 
Dianne's Custome Fundraiser Candles are made in the U.S.A. and only use the highest quality grade of waxes available including natural soy wax and 100% food grade wax. They pride themselves on the fragrance of their candles.

Candle Fundraisers and Candle Fundraising Ideas 
Candle Fundraiser, Candle Fundraising, and candle fundraising ideas for every type of group. You will find soy candles, soot free candles, and other burning candles that will work great for your individual fundraiser or fundraising program.

Candle Fundraisers USA 
Our goal is to provide your organization with a first class fundraiser that is fun, easy to do and very profitable. There are no upfront costs, a small 12 candle minimum order, any size group can participate, free shipping and your group keeps half of all the money raised¡ A 50% profit¡

Candle Fundraising - Candle Fundraiser Program 
Candle fundraising made easy. Our candle fundraiser program is a fun way for your school, team, church or group to raise money. Up to 50% profit. Quality soy candles. Choose from 100 different scents.

Candle Fundraising Program from Fundraiser 
Candle Fundraising Program: The free pre–sell brochures offer many candle choices, fragrances, and prices. These candles are made in the USA with 100% Food Grade wax and lead free wicks. All candles have extra long burn times with full fragrance from top to bottom.

Candle Fundraising with NorthWood Candle Co - Soy Candle Fundraiser 
Set your fundraising efforts on fire with NorthWood Candle Company¡ Our candle fundraisers offer a product your customers love while helping the event fundraising efforts of their favorite organization. Customized candle fundraising program – get info now.

CT River Candles - Clean Natural Soy Candles 
Quality hand poured soy candles made in Haddam, Connecticut. Seasonal photos of the Connecticut River are featured on our labels. Great profit margin, custom flyers and flexible delivery arrangements. Contact us today and start earning $$ for your organization.


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