Cookie Dough Fundraisers

Home Delivery Cookie Dough Fundraiser 
A cookie dough fundraiser with the convenience of home delivery¡ Great for schools, churches, sports teams, non–profit organizations and PTA groups.

Little Lambs' Gourmet Cookie Dough, Gourmet Cheesecakes, Gourmet Pies & Sna... 
One of the largest fundraising companies in the USA with quality products including Little Lambs Gourmet Cookie Dough, Gourmet Cheesecakes, Gourmet Pies, Gourmet Coffee and Gourmet Snacks.

Premium Collection Cookie Dough 
A Cookie Dough Fundraiser is a creative fundraising idea that works great for schools and charities. With more than a dozen flavors available (including Kosher Cookie Dough), you're guaranteed to have the flavor people want.


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