Environment & Conservation Grants

Eastman Kodak Company 
Eastman Kodak's primary focus is at our site communities, but also includes national and international support. Focus is on the following general areas: Community Revitalization, Environment, and Arts & Culture; Education; Health & Human Services.

Edison International 
Edison supports nonprofit and/or non–governmental organizations. To qualify for consideration, such organizations must strive to maintain or improve the quality of life in the community and address specific community needs. Our primary areas of support are education and environment.

Educational Foundation of America 
The Educational Foundation of America (EFA) makes grants to qualifying non–profit organizations that have tax–exempt status and those that are not private foundations as defined in the Internal Revenue Code. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, the environment, reproductive freedom, theatre, education, medicine, drug policy reform, democracy, peace & national security issues and human services.

Entergy Charitable Foundation 
Entergy’s Corporate Giving programs include cash as well as in–kind contributions that address myriad community needs: arts and culture, community improvement and enrichment, education and literacy, the environment and healthy families. Entergy’s Open Grants Program focuses on improving communities as a whole. We look for giving opportunities in the areas of arts and culture, community improvement/enrichment, the environment and healt...

Estée Lauder Global Philanthropy - National & International 
The Estée Lauder Companies has long supported numerous institutions and programs that reflect the interests and concerns of our consumers and employees around the world. Over the years, our corporate and brand philanthropy programs and community initiatives have focused on advancing the activities and growth of numerous organizations dedicated to health and human services, education, the environment and the arts. Our contributions take many forms: The...

ExxonMobil Community Investment 
ExxonMobil is committed to being a responsible partner in the communities where we operate. Areas of funding interest include education, the environment, health, safety, women economic opportunities, community development as well as worldwide giving in the regions in which they operate.

Fields Pond Foundation 
The primary mission of Fields Pond Foundation is to provide financial assistance to nature and land conservation organizations that are community–based and that serve to increase environmental awareness by involving local residents in conservation issues.

Foundation for Deep Ecology 
For nearly a decade, we have supported the Conservation Land Trust and land acquisition efforts in Chile and Argentina. At this time, new and exciting opportunities are presenting themselves, requiring expansion of this work.

Frank Stanley Beveridge Foundation - Massachusetts 
The Frank Stanley Beveridge Foundation, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to consider grant proposals from the following Institutional/Program Activity Areas: Animal Related, Arts, Culture, and Humanities, Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy, Education, Employment/Jobs, Environmental Quality, Protection & Beautification, Food, Nutrition, Agriculture, Health – General & Rehabilitative Services, Health – Multipurpose Associations/Services A...

Fund for Wild Nature 
The Fund for Wild Nature (Fund) provides money for campaigns to save and restore native species and wild ecosystems, including actions to defend wilderness and biological diversity. If your project is not clearly and directly connected to these priorities, please clearly explain the link.


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