Chocolate Fundraising

Betsy Ann Chocolates 
Chocolate fund raising programs from Betsy Ann Chocolates. We tell you how to fund raise using our candy products for your organization, from chocolate bars and pretzel rods to Christmas and Easter holiday candy fund raising programs.

Cadbury Fundraiser 
Cadbury® is a leading brand in fundraising. Popular fundraising products include Cadbury Dairy Milk™ milk chocolate, Cadbury Caramello, Cadbury Top Deck, Cadbury Moro and Oreo.

Chocolate Candy Bar Fundraising Kits 
Chocolate candy bars are an easy fund raiser for a school, sports team, club, church or any group. We offer $1 and $2 candy bars including: World's Finest Chocolates, Hershey's, One Dollar Bars, Chocolatiers, and Lamontagne Fundraising Kits.

Chocolate Fundraising 
Our chocolate fundraising products include the World's Finest Chocolate, an assortment of Hershey's products, as well as many other popular items including M&M's, Skittles, & Peanut Butter Cups.

Chocolate fundraising treats like Hershey, WFC from 
Chocolate fundraisers for Church groups, Schools and sports teams. carries the such as World's Finest Chocolate, Hershey's and more.

Chocolate Lollipop Fundraising 
Chocolate lollipops fundraising products from Buy For

Grants's purpose is to help spread the word about grants programs initiatives and fundraising opportunities from foundations, 501c3 non–profits organizations and private sector sources by posting those initiatives on our site. If your organization, foundation or fundraising company has grants opportunities and you are looking to spread the word about it we invite you to contact us about it so we may be able to post your grant ini...

HERSHEY'S Fundraising 
HERSHEY'S Fund Raising puts the fun into candy fundraising with easy–to–use fundraiser programs. Since HERSHEY'S offers everyone's favorite chocolate candy bar brands at great values, reaching your fundraising goals can be simpler and sweeter than ever¡

Malley's Chocolates 
Malley's Chocolates fundraising program offers dozens of delicious chocolates and other candy favorites generous volume discounts to non–profits organizations.

Organic & Fair Trade Chocolate by Sweet Earth Organic Chocolates 
Organic, fair trade chocolate makes a perfect prodcut for your school, church or organization to sell as a fundraiser. Very successful¡


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