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Ambrose Monell Foundation - National & International 
The Ambrose Monell Foundation mission is to aid and contribute to religious, charitable, scientific, literary, and educational uses and purposes, in New York, elsewhere in the United States and throughout the world. In order to ascertain if your organization and its proposed project or program fit within the Foundation's guidelines, kindly submit a letter of inquiry (LOI).

Bernard McDonough Foundation 
The Bernard McDonough Foundation is a private foundation serving West Virgina and the Mid–Ohio River Valley. Areas of funding interest Culture, Education, Health & Medical, Social Welfare and Civic & Community Enterprises. Educational focus will primarily be on institutions of higher education which are not primarily financed by governmental sources.

BNY Mellon of New York - National Focus 
Caring about our communities is a cornerstone of BNY Mellon's philanthropic philosophy. Working with nonprofit partners, local agencies and our global corporate neighbors, we invest in initiatives that make our communities better places to live and work. Grant requests are reviewed and awarded throughout the year. All requests must demonstrate impact in either or both of the focus areas: workforce development or basic needs provision. Applications are...

Burton D. Morgan Foundation - Ohio 
Burton D. Morgan Foundation grants are made only to organizations recognized as public charities under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3). The Foundation does not usually make multi–year grants and does not ordinarily consider grants to annual fund drives, to units of government, or to organizations or institutions which are primarily tax–supported, including state universities. The Foundation no longer accepts grant applications from arts...

C. Louis Meyer Family Foundation - NC, SC, Chicago 
The C. Louis Meyer Family Foundation provides grants to non profit organizations – classified by the Internal Revenue Service Code as 501c(cX3) – that provide services in the areas of Education, Community and Civic Affairs, Health, the Arts, Religion and our Youth. Grants will tend to be made to smaller organizations located in areas where our trustees reside which include but are not limited to the Sandhills area of North Carolina, South Carol...

Carlos and Marguerite Mason Trust - Health & Wellness - Georgia 
The purpose of the Trust, created in loving memory of her husband, Carlos Mason, is to improve the process of organ transplantation for Georgians through the grants to Georgia 501(c)(3) organizations “first and primarily to enable them to provide needy persons who are residents of the State of Georgia with financial assistance when they require transplants of eyes, kidneys, hearts and other human organs.

Charlotte Martin Foundation - Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska 
The Charlotte Martin Foundation, a private independent foundation established in 1987, operates in the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska. The Foundation is dedicated to enriching the lives of youth in the areas of athletics, culture, and education and also to preserving and protecting wildlife and habitat. Our two areas of focus “ youth and wildlife “ were established by our founder, Charlotte Yeoman Martin, during her...

Claude Moore Charitable Foundation - Virginia 
The Claude Moore Charitable Foundation is an organization recognized for instigating programs and partnerships aimed at increasing academic competence and encouraging leadership abilities, with an emphasis on the underprivileged. The Foundation awards grants to nonprofit organizations that serve the people and communities in the Commonwealth of Virginia and elsewhere. Areas of funding interest include Literacy, Inner City Youth, Youth Training, Health and...

Colonel Robert H. Morse Foundation - Wisconsin 
The Colonel Robert H. Morse Foundation is a philanthropic organization headquartered in Beloit, Wisconsin. The organization is dedicated to funding programs with social significance to the Greater Beloit area. The Foundation reviews grants twice a year in May and November. All grant requests should be submitted for review by May 1st or November 1st.

Community Foundation of Mendocino County 
The Community Foundation of Mendocino County provides grant support in many areas of community life including, but not limited to, education, the arts, community health, alleviation of poverty, youth, and the environment. We also administer scholarships.


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