Arts & Culture Grants

Copland Fund 
The Fund maintains three separate grant programs in support of contemporary American music, each with its own objectives and annual application deadline. Recording Program, Performing Ensembles Program, Supplemental Program (The Supplemental Program’s objective is to support non–profit organizations that have a history of substantial commitment to contemporary American music but whose needs are not addressed by the Fund’s programs of...

Corning Incorporated Foundation - Multiple States 
The Corning Incorporated Foundation has contributed more than $108 million through its programs of giving. Resources are directed almost exclusively toward initiatives which improve the quality of life in and near communities where Corning Incorporated is an active corporate citizen. Areas of funding interest include Education, Culture, Community Services, National Programs. Read more information in our blog.

Cracker Barrel Foundation 
The Cracker Barrel Foundation seeks to strengthen and preserve our community by supporting programs in the areas of education, human services, cultural affairs and the environment. Special consideration is given to programs that address children, youth and family issues, and emphasize traditional values such as hard work, education and self–reliance.

Creative Capital Foundation 
Creative Capital, a New York City–based nonprofit organization, acts as a catalyst for the development of adventurous and imaginative ideas by supporting artists who pursue innovation in form and/or content in the performing and visual arts, film and video, and in emerging fields. We are committed to working in partnership with the artists whom we fund, providing advisory services and professional development assistance along with multi–faceted...

Creative Work Fund - California 
Funds for artists and non–profit organizations to create new art works through collaborations. It celebrates artists as problem solvers and the making of art as a profound contribution to the strengthening of communities. Grants range from $10,000 to $35,000. Limited to artists living in and organizations based in San Francisco and Alameda, CA counties.

CUE Art Foundation 
CUE Art Foundation, a non–profit organization, provides educational programs for young artists and aspiring art professionals in New York and from around the country.

Dactyl Foundation for the Arts and Humanities 
Our programs are designed to develop an aesthetic that is informed by science, history and philosophy and that takes into consideration both the intellectual and intuitive responses to art.

Dana Foundation 
The Dana Foundation is a private philanthropic organization with interests in brain science, immunology, and arts education. It was founded in 1950.

DEW Foundation 
In December, 1994, Dale and Edna Walsh set up an Illinois based 501(c)(3) private charitable contribution foundation named the Dale and Edna Walsh Foundation. We refer to ourselves as DEW Foundation or simply DEW. The first step in the application process is to submit a letter of inquiry (LOI) via the Foundation's Web site or by mail. The Foundation contributes to medical, relief, welfare, education, community service, ministries and environmental pro...

Diller – von Furstenberg Family Foundation - National Focus 
The Diller – von Furstenberg Family Foundation is a private family foundation which provides philanthropic support to various 501(c)3 non–profit organizations. Founded in 1999, the Foundation is guided by the shared values, concerns and passions of the Diller – von Furstenberg family. The primary recipients of the Foundation’s support are organizations within the following sectors: Community Building, Education, Human Rights,...


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