Arts & Culture Grants

Black Rock Arts Foundation Grants 
Provides funds in the amounts of $500 to $10,000 to art projects that interact with people and environments and that invite, create, or enrich community.

BMI Foundation 
The BMI Foundation, Inc., a not–for–profit corporation founded in 1985, is dedicated to encouraging the creation, performance and study of music through awards, scholarships, internships, grants, and commissions. The Foundation also awards grants on an annual basis that are directed primarily to not–for–profit music organizations from around the country. The Foundation's Advisory Panel reviews and makes recommendations for thes...

Boeing Company 
The Boeing Company is committed to improving the quality of life in the communities in which it operates. Funding interests include education, health and human services, culture and the arts, and civic and environmental issues.

Boston Center for the Arts 
The BCA supports the creation and presentation of work by artists and seeks to connect artists to a large and diverse audience. The BCA's programs include exhibitions, performances, concerts, poetry readings and special outreach. The BCA also offers subsidized work space in the form of studios, rehearsal space and three small theaters to artists and arts groups.

Bronx Council on the Arts 
Bronx Council on the Arts (BCA) is celebrating over 40 years as a private, non–profit membership organization that is the official cultural agency of Bronx County. Recognized nationally as a leading arts service organization in providing cultural services and arts programs, BCA serves a multicultural constituency in excess of 1.2 million residents.

CA IT Management 
For more than three decades, CA has supported communities where its employees live and work. Serving a global company with offices in more than 43 countries, CA™s Corporate Community Affairs department supports communities through employee giving programs, CA Together Community grants, CA Together IT Program offerings and corporate contributions.

Charles Lafitte Foundation 
The mission of the Charles Lafitte Foundation is to provide for and support inventive and effective ways of helping people help themselves and others around them to lead healthy, satisfying and enriched lives. To fulfill this mission, the Foundation acts as grantmaker, innovator and volunteer for four main programs: Education, Children's Advocacy, Medical Research & Issues, and The Arts.

Clorox Company Foundation 
The mission of The Clorox Company Foundation is to improve the quality of life in communities where Clorox employees live and work. Community involvement is an integral part of our business and is carried out through a program of grant–making, volunteerism and leadership in community service. The Foundation concentrates on two focus areas: education/youth development and culture/civic programs. The Foundation may shift funding priorities from year to...

Community Programs in the Arts - COMPAS 
Provides two types of grants – 1. The Community Art Program (CAP) encourages the use of meaningful, quality, participatory arts to build community. Limited to fund projects and programs in Minneapolis, MN and St. Paul, MN. 2. The General Fund supports 501(c)(3) organizations as they endeavor to produce art projects and programs that reach new audiences or that use the arts to serve the community.

ConocoPhillips Community Investment - National Focus 
ConocoPhillips has a long tradition of investing in the communities in which we operate. During 2008, our corporate donations totaled more than $95 million, which includes approximately $70 million in charitable contributions from the corporation and about $25 million in funds for other community investment projects donated through our company–operated businesses, as well as various joint ventures and equity affiliates. Areas of funding interest incl...


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