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Goldseker Foundation 
The Goldseker Foundation has granted $70 million to more than 400 nonprofit organizations and projects in the Baltimore metropolitan area. Though the focus of the Foundation's grantmaking has evolved over time, in all of our grantmaking we have sought to honor Mr. Goldseker's wish that the Foundation serve the Baltimore community by investing in its institutions and people.

Goldseker Foundation - Baltimore, Maryland 
The Goldseker Foundation maintains a two–track grantmaking program that designates three priority areas but retains the ability to initiate and respond to new ideas and opportunities within our established program areas. In each of the priority grant areas, the Foundation is a directly engaged and active partner. Grants include a mix of Foundation initiatives and projects submitted independently by potential grantees. Priority Areas – Regional...

Good News Foundation 
The Good News Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation dedicated to making a positive and meaningful difference in the lives of people in need and at–risk in greater Los Angeles. Our Foundation's charitable coverage includes: funding academic scholarships and mentoring programs for aspiring journalists, recognizing and encouraging community service among those affiliated with Los Angeles TV news, and granting assistance to individuals and...

Good To Go Fundraising 
Good To Go Fundraising – Your Source for Unique Ideas for Fundraising With unique fundraising ideas for organizations, charities, or even medical bills, GTG makes it easy to set up your online donations campaign. Whether you are looking to shop for fundraising and donate, start a new campaign or join or manage a campaign.

Goodrich Foundation - National 
The Goodrich Foundation provides support to charitable organizations serving the needs of the public in Goodrich Corporation's United States headquarters and plant communities, to selected educational institutions and selected national groups. The Foundation makes charitable grants in three broad categories: Education; Civic and Community; and Health and Human Services/United Way. The Foundation continues to place high emphasis on quality educational...

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation 
The Foundation operates proactively in three specific areas of focus–environmental conservation, science, and the San Francisco Bay Area–where a significant and measurable impact can be achieved.

Gorman Foundation - Upstate New York 
The Gorman Foundation is a family foundation in upstate New York. It was established in January 2003 with a bequest from Alice M. Gorman who passed away from breast cancer in June 2002. The Foundation awards grants to projects and general–support grants to nonprofit, IRS 501(c)(3) organizations. Examples include but are not limited to: Arts, Education, Hospitals, universities, and clinics with programs and services that help people access affordable...

Gould Family Foundation 
The mission of the Gould Family Foundation is to support innovative programs that promote experiential learning and the arts. The foundation prefers programs in their formative stages that can show self–sustaining ability, and are primarily based in California.

Grable Foundation - Pittsburgh 
The Grable Foundation supports programs that help children develop by improving educational opportunities, supporting community efforts, and strengthening families. Please note that The Grable Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals for programs outside of southwestern Pennsylvania. Also, the Foundation does not consider requests from individuals for scholarships or other assistance, nor does the Foundation consider fundraising requests.

Graco Foundation - MN, SD, OH 
The Graco Foundation's goal is to help organizations grow their ability to serve community needs through grants specifically aimed at expanding or enhancing services to clients, with particular focus on capital projects and technology needs. Priority will be given to organizations that have a proven track record of enabling people to be self–sufficient and more productive. Emphasis will be placed on educational programs (including early childhoo...


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