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Barker Welfare Foundation - ILL, NY, IN 
The mission of the Barker Welfare Foundation is to make grants to qualified charitable organizations whose initiatives improve the quality of life, with an emphasis on strengthening youth and families and to reflect the philosophy of Catherine B. Hickox, the Founder. Consideration will be given to applications from institutions and agencies operating in the field of health, welfare, education, cultural activities and civic affairs, primarily serving the me...

Barking Foundation - Scholarships - Maine 
The Barking Foundation is a private, non–profit foundation that provides grants for accredited post–secondary education of meritorious State of Maine residents, based on their demonstrated financial need.

Barnes & Noble's Corporate Contributions Program 
Barnes & Noble is committed to partnering with for–profit and non–profit organizations that focus their core businesses on higher learning, literacy and the arts. Our partnerships foster community good will and promote our brand. A suitable sponsorship is one that benefits Barnes & Noble and the communities it serves. Funding is limited.

Barney Family Foundation - Chicago 
The Barney Family Foundation's primary focus is in the educational field, particularly children in grades K–8. The Barney Family Foundation places significant emphasis on giving children the opportunity for a better education. We want to be convinced that a project we fund will lead, over time, to significant improvement in children's life experiences and as such, favor proposals that describe a plausible and practical chain of events leadi...

Baron and Blue Foundation - Dallas County, Texas 
The Baron and Blue Foundation strives to enhance the function of non–profit organizations in the Dallas Community by assisting to maintain existing programs and further opportunities for grassroots organizations focusing on homelessness, transitional housing and the needs of the underserved. Grants are limited to qualified charitable organizations in Dallas County.

Barr Foundation 
The Barr Foundation is a private foundation committed to enhancing the quality of life for all of Boston's residents. While our primary areas of emphasis are education and the environment, we also provide support to arts and cultural activities.

Barra Foundation - Pennsylvania 
The Barra Foundation is a private, not–for–profit philanthropic organization that primarily serves the five–county area of Greater Philadelphia. The Foundation's principal focus is to make one–time and multi–year grants for innovative projects that aid in advancing the frontiers of knowledge in the fields of arts and culture, education, health, and human services. A secondary focus is to provide smaller, unrestricted Comm...

Baxter International Foundation - Health & Wellness - National & Internatio... 
The Baxter International Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Baxter International Inc., helps organizations increase access to healthcare in the United States and around the world. The foundation, established in 1981, began to focus exclusively on increasing access to healthcare – particularly for the disadvantaged and underserved – in and near communities where Baxter employees live and work.

Bay and Paul Foundations - New York 
Over the past decade we have come to understand that almost any school–based initiative that exhibits effectiveness and sustainability depends to a great extent on the collaborative capacity of the faculty. Accordingly, the majority of our grants are now directed to professional development with an emphasis on facilitative, distributive leadership and to the intentional interruption of inequitable policies, practices, and cultural norms. Though the E...

Bayer Foundation 
The Foundation is committed to improving the communities in which our employees live and work by giving primary consideration to organizations that serve these geographic areas. Funding interests include Civic and Social Service Programs, Science Education and Workforce Development, The Arts, Art Education and Culture.


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