Minnesota Grants

Joyce Foundation 
Our program areas are Education, Employment, Environment, Gun Violence, Money and Politics, and Culture. We focus our grant making on initiatives that promise to have an impact on the Great Lakes region, specifically the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. A limited number of environment grants are made to organizations in Canada. Education grant making in K–12 focuses on Chicago, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee; early...

June & Julian Foss Foundation - WA, OR, CA, FL, MN 
The June & Julian Foss Foundation supports programs and projects directed to children and youth, that promote values and that encourage an entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of curiosity and wonder. Our major goal is to change the life situations of young people in order to help them grow into healthy, responsible adults. We prefer to fund programs that provide preventive options, rather than enrichment experiences (as important as those are). The Foun...

Laird Norton Family Foundation 
The Laird Norton Family Foundation four funding areas are: Climate Change, Global Fundamentals, Arts in Education, and Watershed Stewardship. Geographic areas of funding interest are Pacific Northwest and Minnesota.

Land O’Lakes Foundation 
The Land O'Lakes Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life in communities where Land O'Lakes, Inc. has members, employees, plants and facilities. The Foundation proactively helps rural communities prosper and prepare for tomorrow through seven grassroots giving programs focused on education and youth, human services, civic and art endeavors. The foundation also funds programs in the dairy communities of dairy communities in the Orl...

Laura Jane Musser Fund - CO, HI, MN, NY, WY 
The Laura Jane Musser Fund wants to encourage collaborative and participatory efforts among citizens in rural communities that will help to strengthen their towns and regions in a number of civic areas including, but not limited to, economic development, business preservation, arts and humanities, public space improvements, and education. The Foundation funds programs in Colorado, Hawaii, Minnesota, New York, and Wyoming.

Litchfield Area Community Foundation 
The Litchfield Area Community Foundation recognizes the valuable contributions the surrounding area makes to the Litchfield community. For this reason, as we organized, it was our desire to offer the same opportunities and benefits to those with close ties to Litchfield. Our children, through the schools that they attend, strongly determine where we call "Home". Home for the Foundation is considered to be the same area served by the Litchfield School Distr...

Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation 
The mission of the Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation is to enhance educational opportunities in Cook County and to significantly improve the quality of life in the North Shore communities of Cook, Lake and southern St. Louis County through competitive grant making in the areas of Arts and Culture, Community and Economic Development, Education, Environment, Scholarships and Social Welfare programs to qualified nonprofit organizations.

Louis & Peaches Owen Family Foundation 
The Foundation considers grant applications from charities as defined under the Internal Revenue Code and applicable regulations. Our primary interests include working with organizations that support the following areas: Education, Health, Human Services, Christian/Judeo Religions. Our primary geographic focus lies in East Texas and the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area.

Marbrook Foundation - Twin Cities Metro Area 
The Marbrook Foundation's primary interest is in initiatives or organizations that create equal opportunity for immigrants and refugees in the Twin Cities metro area.

Mardag Foundation 
The Mardag Foundation makes grants to nonprofit organizations that improve the quality of life in Minnesota for children, seniors and other at–risk populations and for programs in education and arts.


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