Education & Literacy Grants

KPMG Corporate Citizenship 
KPMG Corporate citizenship is at the heart of our values and all around the world KPMG member firms are committed to their communities – working to address poverty and make a positive difference in health and prosperity. Our corporate citizenship case studies show how our people are working to address poverty and make a positive difference to communities. Areas of funding interest include Disaster relief, Education, Environment, People in need.

Kresge Foundation 
The Kresge Foundation awards grants to small, mid–size, and large nonprofit organizations in six fields of interest: health, the environment, community development, arts and culture, education, and human services. Working with our grantees, we endeavor to improve the life circumstances and opportunities for poor, disadvantaged and marginalized individuals, families, and communities. In 2008, we created three new programs – the Health Program, t...

Kroger Company Foundation - National Focus 
The Kroger Foundation is a 501(c)(3) entity created in 1987 by The Kroger Co. It makes grants to other 501(c)(3) charities, nonprofit organizations, schools and public entities. We choose to focus mainly in five areas: Hunger Relief, Women's Health, grassroots Community Support, Education, Diversity. Requesting a grant begins by sending a written inquiry to the Kroger facility in the area. For more information and details please visit our blog.

Latino Community Foundation: California 
The Latino Community Foundation has undergone an intensive strategic planning process over the last two years. In 2004 we launched an exciting new initiative, Lee Y Serás ("Read and You Will Be") focusing on a critical concern–early childhood reading and our interest to promote literacy and parent participation. We also launched a new capital formation concept, The Isabela Project, to promote investment and increase viability of Latino small b...

Laura Bush Foundation for America's Libraries 
The purpose of the Laura Bush Foundation is to enhance the book collections of school libraries across the country. Grants from the Foundation will help school libraries extend their collections so that children across the country can access books about science, history, drama or classic literature, or any other topic.

Laura J. Niles Foundation 
The Laura J. Niles Foundation encourages and supports efforts that offer learning and economic growth opportunities for the motivated poor, initiatives that foster life enrichment through canine and other types of animal companionship and programs that alleviate unhealthy dependencies. The foundation has a particular interest in education, economic self–sufficiency and programs that alleviate unhealthy dependencies. With regard to animals, most notab...

Lawrence Foundation 
The Lawrence Foundation is a private family foundation focused on making grants to support environmental, education, human services and other causes. The Lawrence Foundation was established in mid–2000. We make both program and operating grants and do not have any geographical restrictions on our grants.

LEGO Children's Fund - National Focus 
The LEGO Children's Fund extends this commitment to local and national organizations that support innovative projects and programming to cultivate and celebrate a child's exploration of personal creativity and creative problem–solving in all forms. Our goal is to prepare the next generation – the builders of tomorrow – for a lifetime of creative learning and innovative thinking. The Foundation awards grants to qualified tax&nda...

Leighty Foundation 
Our mission is to carry on the Leighty Family legacy of service and stewardship by leveraging our time and talents, as well as the Foundation financial resources, primarily in the areas of Earth Protection, Education, and the Promotion of Philanthropy and Volunteerism. We distribute grants and contributions to tax–exempt charitable organizations only. We are committed to the wise allocation of human, financial, and natural resources. We partner with...

Lennon Family Foundation 
The Lennon Family Foundation is a collection of donor–advised funds in operation since 2000 that can provide support to IRS–recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations. In keeping with the spirit of the Lennon Family interests, there are currently four focus areas for the Foundation. They are: Conservation (habitat and species), Education (outdoor, arts, sciences), Health (medical and scientific research), Humanitarian (economic development/reli...


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