Education & Literacy Grants

FINRA Investor Education Foundation 
Through its general grant program, the FINRA Investor Education Foundation funds research and/or educational projects that support its mission of providing underserved Americans with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary for financial success throughout life.

Fishman Family Foundation 
The Fishman Family Foundation is a private not–for–profit organization founded in 1997 as a long–term philanthropic program. The Foundation has been established with broad charitable purposes so that its grant making policies may always reflect the diverse interests of the Fishman Family. Currently the focus is on Jewish culture, education, and the arts.

Fleishhacker Foundation: San Francisco Bay Area 
The Fleishhacker Foundation was incorporated in 1947 as the Mortimer Fleishhacker Foundation. In 1988 it merged with the Janet and Mortimer Fleishhacker Foundation, creating one entity: the Fleishhacker Foundation. Total assets are approximately $12 million. The Foundation has two grantmaking programs: Arts & Culture and Precollegiate (K–12) Education. Geographical area: San Francisco Bay Area.

Flora Family Foundation 
The Flora Family Foundation supports public benefit organizations working throughout the world in education, health, arts and culture, the environment, global security, civic engagement, and the advancement of women.

Fordham Street Foundation 
The Fordham Street Foundation seeks opportunities to promote the rights of our least advantaged children to thrive, grow and be enriched. The Foundation will support innovative programs that: Target minority academic achievement, Provide superior educational opportunities for our least advantaged children, Improve the academic or physical environment in schools least able to address these needs, Enrich the lives of homeless children, Prevent domestic viole...

Foundation for Appalachian Ohio 
The Foundation for Appalachian Ohio (FAO) was created in 1998 as a regional community foundation serving the 29 counties of Appalachian Ohio. As a 501(c)(3) public charity, the Foundation works with donors and those who care deeply about the region to support regional improvement through the power of charitable giving.

Francis L. Abreu Foundation - Georgia 
The Francis L. Abreu Charitable Trust funds organizations in the Atlanta area only. The Foundation's areas of interest include arts and cultural programs; secondary education; higher education; health associations; human services; children and youth services. Types of support include capital campaigns; program development; seed money; and matching funds. The Foundation does not approve requests for operating or grants to individuals.

Frederick W. McCarthy Family Foundation - Global Focus 
The Frederick W. McCarthy Family Foundation advances its mission primarily through contributing to programs and, in one case, creating an organization that focus on (1) Children & Education, (2) Equal Opportunity, (3) Health & Wellness and (4) Religion & Human Rights. The Foundation's initiatives are global, supporting educational organizations in such socio–economically challenged communities as Indiantown, Florida; Roxbury, Massach...

Frey Foundation 
We fund creative non–profits in the Minneapolis/St. Paul and Naples, Florida areas that can generate better ideas for the best communities. We give priority to organizations that bring that innovation and proven success to our three key areas of interest: Education, Health & Human Services, Civic Initiatives.

Fund for Teachers 
Fund for Teachers grants are awarded to teachers who work with students in grades Pre K – 12. To be selected, interested teachers must submit a proposal that details how their summer fellowship will make them a better teacher and how their improved skills or capacity will be implemented in the classroom, benefiting students, curricula and school.


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