Texas Grants

Hunt Family Foundation - El Paso 
Since 1987, the Hunt Family Foundation (formerly the Cimarron Foundation) has supported charities and initiatives that focus on El Paso and the surrounding region. In our commitment to all of the communities we serve, we have also donated to worthwhile organizations in other areas, such as New Mexico and Hawaii. To date, the Foundation has made gifts and contributions to more than 400 recipients. Charitable giving by the Hunt Family Foundation is primarily...

J. E. and L. E. Mabee Foundation 
The purposes of the Foundation are to aid Christian religious organizations, charitable organizations, institutions of higher learning, hospitals and other organizations of a general charitable nature. The Foundation has a geographical area of giving which includes only the states of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Joe Barton Family Foundation - Texas 6th Congressional District 
The Joe Barton Family Foundation provides substantial financial support to select charitable organizations within Texas's 6th Congressional District to enable them to achieve aggressive goals that would have been otherwise unattainable. The intent of these large scale projects is to dramatically improve the quality of life for the affected individuals, leading to better lives and stronger Texas communities.

KDK-Harman Foundation 
KDK–Harman Foundation's mission and programming interests. The Foundation's program interests include tutoring, college access, GED certification, academically rigorous after–school and summer programs, and traditional education during the school day. In addition, KDK will favor those programs in the areas of math, science, and computer technology. For grantmaking purposes, the KDK–Harman Foundation is exclusively interested in...

Ken M. Davis Foundation 
Mission: To support those charities that directly provide for human welfare for basic needs and quality of life. This would include such services as: food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, disabilities and childcare. Contributions by KWDF are for the support of organizations that provide services to people in areas where our companies operate. The primary cities in these areas are Midland–Odessa, and Fort Worth, Texas.

Kerr Foundation 
The Kerr Foundation supports 501(c)3 organizations, programs and institutions that provide new or enhanced opportunity to those within the granting areas, particularly the young. We believe that this is best accomplished in the areas of education, health, cultural development and community service. While preference is given to Oklahoma organizations and institutions, we recognize that such located outside the state and region can also have a beneficial imp...

Kronkosky Charitable Foundation 
The Kronkosky Charitable Foundation was established by a Trust Agreement dated January 7, 1991. The Foundation received its principal funding of $295 million as a distribution from the estate of Mr. Albert Kronkosky, Jr. in August 1997. Areas of funding interest include Health & Human Services, Culture, Anumal Welfare. Change in Policy Relating to Letters of Inquiry. Effective September 5, 2009, Letters of Inquiry will only be accepted from 501(c)(3) n...

Laredo Area Community Foundation 
The Laredo Area Community Foundation solicits and accepts grant application from organizations that meet our funding guidelines. In awarding grants, particularly consideration is given to established, ongoing programs as well as new, innovative proposals. Collaborate initiatives are encouraged. Projects should address root causes and work on large term solutions of identified social problems. Priories have been developed for he following five sectors: Soci...

Louis & Peaches Owen Family Foundation 
The Foundation considers grant applications from charities as defined under the Internal Revenue Code and applicable regulations. Our primary interests include working with organizations that support the following areas: Education, Health, Human Services, Christian/Judeo Religions. Our primary geographic focus lies in East Texas and the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area.

Lubbock Area Foundation 
The Lubbock Area Foundation restricts its support to organizations in Lubbock and the surrounding South Plains area which are 501(c)(3) or the government equivalent. Grants may be made for start–up funding, general operating support, program support and demonstration programs. The Foundation does not make grants to individuals, for political purposes, to retire indebtedness or for payment of interest or taxes. The Foundation has a separate grant prog...


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