Illinois Grants

Prince Charitable Trusts - Chicago, Washington DC, Rhode Island 
The Prince Charitable Trusts were established in 1947 from the bequests of Frederick Henry Prince (1859 – 1953) and his wife, Abbie Norman Prince (1860 – 1949). The three trusts operate as a family foundation with giving programs in the city of Chicago, the Washington D.C. metropolitan area and the state of Rhode Island. Areas of funding interest include Arts & Culture, Education, Environment, Health, Social Services, Youth (Varies by state...

Pritzker Traubert Family Foundation - Chicago 
The Pritzker Traubert Family Foundation supports efforts to improve public education in the City of Chicago and to ensure that children attending kindergarten through twelfth grades have access to a quality, public education. The Foundation is specifically interested in: Strengthening and supporting innovative, successful public schools, including charter schools; Developing and promoting strong school leadership; Improving the health and fitness of childr...

Reva and David Logan Foundation 
The Reva and David Logan Foundation focuses on the areas of education, the arts, religion, the community (including voluntarism and leadership development), civil society, social change and aid to the disadvantaged (including, but not limited to, the sick, the elderly and the poor).

Roberts Family Foundation 
The Douglas C. and Lynn M. Roberts Family Foundation will support charitable programs that improve the quality of life in DeKalb County, Illinois. Areas of funding interest include Arts & Culture, Education, Human Services.

Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust - Iowa & Illinois 
The great majority of grants are given to organizations located in, and for projects to be conducted within, the state of Iowa and portions of Illinois, as well as to other organizations in which Mr. Carver had an interest during his lifetime. Generally speaking, the Carver Trust supports biomedical and scientific research, scholarships, and programs addressing the educational and recreational needs of youth.

Royal Charitable Foundation - Chicago 
Founded in January 2005, Royal Charitable Foundation provides funding for community groups and organizations dedicated to a better way of life. For more information contact: Leonard Szwajkowski at 773–768–4800.

Russell & Josephine Kott Memorial Charitable Trust 
The Russell & Josephine Kott Memorial Charitable Trust provides funding to charitable organizations that improve the livelihood of individuals, especially through education or medical services, with an emphasis on such services for the elderly. The deadline for application to the Russell & Josephine Kott Memorial Charitable Trust is July 31. Grant decisions will be made by November 30.

Ryan and Jenny Dempster Family Foundation - Health - IL, AZ, BC 
The Ryan and Jenny Dempster Family Foundation strives to lend support to charities and organizations supporting children with 22q11.2 deletion (DiGeorge Syndrome/VCFS) through monetary grants, programs and increased community awareness. Priority will be given to organizations located in the following areas: Illinois, Arizona, British Columbia, Canada.

Safeco - Chicago 
Safeco realizes that the most vibrant and successful neighborhoods have three things in common: an economically strong foundation, the ability to protect that foundation, and a cohesiveness that makes them desirable places to live. Our funding priorities seek to build strength in each of these areas. We fund programs and organizations that play a role in: Building an economic foundation for strong neighborhoods, Helping neighborhoods flourish and thrive....

Sangamon County Community Foundation 
The Sangamon County Community Foundation encourages nonprofit organizations in Sangamon County to apply for funding from our competitive grantmaking funds. The Foundation Community Endowment is a permanent resource for the communities of Berlin, Curran, Loami, New Berlin and West Springfield. It serves as a way to fund community projects, local schools, recreational activities, local social service agencies, public safety concerns and more.


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