International Grants & Funders

Violet Jabara Trust - International - Middle East 
The Trust makes grants to organizations which work in developing countries in the Middle East–Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Palestine (Occupied Territories), Yemen, Egypt and North Africa. Countries further afield (such as the Gulf countries, Sudan, or Afghanistan) may be considered, but will not be given priority. Given the precarious political state of many of these countries, and U.S. Government guidelines in regard to global grantmaking, it...

Virtual Foundation 
The Virtual Foundation is a unique online philanthropy program which supports grassroots initiatives around the world. Carefully screened community improvement projects in the fields of environment, health, poverty alleviation and sustainable economic activity are posted on our web site.

Vodafone Families of Foundations 
Globally, our Foundations make social investments by funding projects which support disaster relief and preparedness or fund sport and music projects which benefit some of the most disadvantaged young people and their communities. Locally, our social investment is delivered by a unique footprint of 24 Vodafone Foundations and social investment programmes. Our Foundations make social investments that help the people of the world to lead fuller lives by: Sha...

W.K. Kellogg Foundation 
Grants are made in the four areas of: Health, Food Systems and Rural Development, Youth and Education, and Philanthropy and Volunteerism. All programming in these four interest areas is tailored to meet the needs of each geographic region. United States: Health, Food Systems and Rural Development, Youth and Education, Philanthropy and Volunteerism, Greater Battle Creek. International funding: Southern Africa – Strengthen Leadership Capacity, Strength...

Wallace Global Fund 
The Fund supports initiatives related to environmental resource depletion and system collapse, corporate abuses and the concentration of corporate power, planetary carrying capacity, sustainable human population, women's human rights, with an emphasis on ending female genital mutilation, civic engagement, civil liberties, equal justice, independent media, and media policy.

Weeden Foundation 
The Foundation will consider funding in any geographical location, but trustees have chosen a few places in Latin America, Central Siberia, and Western North America as high priority. Organizations supported to date range from those that protect ecosystems and wildlife to those that raise the status of women and increase awareness about family planning.

Western Union Foundation 
The Western Union Foundation furthers our global values by contributing to the improvement of health, human services and education for those most in need. In just over five years, the Foundation has helped generate tens of millions of dollars for international non–profit organizations like the Red Cross and America's Second Harvest–providing disaster relief, education and human service programs.

Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation - National & International Focus 
The Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation supports programs of national and international significance that promote the welfare of human and natural resources. These efforts will enhance the creativity, strengths and skills already possessed by those in need and reinforce the sustaining processes inherent in nature. The Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation's General Program funds projects in the following areas: Arts, Education, Environment, Conservation and Prese...

Whirlpool Foundation 
The Whirlpool Foundation makes grants to IRS–certified nonprofit organizations in communities where Whirlpool Corporation operates. The Foundation touches lives around the world through its collaboration with countless organizations. Through its strategic grants, Whirlpool Foundation has focused on identifying outstanding programs that are centered on quality family life, cultural diversity and lifelong learning.

Whitley Fund for Nature - Global Focus 
The Whitley Fund for Nature (WFN) is a low–cost, high–impact UK registered charity offering a wide range of Awards and Grants to outstanding nature conservationists around the world.


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