International Grants & Funders

Levi Strauss & Co. Foundation 
Two interrelated issues direct our global giving programs: Preventing the Spread of HIV/AIDS through prevention–related programs targeting women and youth, particularly where local policy–makers are receptive or where social bias about HIV/AIDS remains strong. Increasing Economic Development and Education Opportunities which enhance economic self–sufficiency through micro–enterprise programs and asset – and wealth–buildi...

Lien Foundation 
The Lien Foundation pioneers new ground in philanthropy by forging strategic partnerships and catalysing action on social and environmental challenges. Our model of philanthropy goes beyond the traditional role of donor–sponsor. We endeavour to make a difference by seeking out and addressing the root cause of problems. The Foundation's key areas of focus are Education, Eldercare and the Environment. Within these areas, we seek to enhance: Educat...

Lyford Cay Foundation 
The Lyford Cay Foundation was created to enhance and enrich The Bahamas and the lives of its people. To this end, we direct our resources into two principal areas: Increasing the availability of higher education and technical training for Bahamians, Supporting local non–profit groups through financial contributions and volunteer initiatives.

MacArthur Foundation 
The MacArthur Foundation is one of the nation's largest independent foundations. Through the support it provides, the Foundation fosters the development of knowledge, nurtures individual creativity, strengthens institutions, helps improve public policy, and provides information to the public, primarily through support for public interest media. The Foundation has several programs that include International Program, Domestic Program: Affordable Housing...

Macauley Foundation 
The Macauley Foundation is a private not–for–profit corporation which is operated for the sole purpose of awarding grants to charitable organizations that exemplify compassion for humankind, and are committed to improving lives, the world over. At the present, The Macauley Foundation will not consider funding for homeless and feeding programs which are located outside our local area.

MacDella Cooper Foundation - Liberia 
The MacDella Cooper Foundation (MCF) is a 501c3 international charitable organization devoted to empowering Liberian youth, especially orphans and abandoned children, by providing education and the basic necessities of food, clothing, and shelter. Our vision is to give as many Liberian children as possible the chance to escape the poverty cycle and grow in the nurturing environment of an MCF Academy, so that they can lead Liberia toward an economically str...

Mama Cash 
Mama Cash supports pioneering initiatives by women worldwide that contribute to strengthening the women's position and improving their rights. By financing women's initiatives in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean, Mama Cash helps give women greater influence in their own lives and environments. Mama Cash is investing in a better future for women and girls worldwide. And men benefit as well.

MasterCard Foundation 
The MasterCard Foundation's vision is to make the global economy work for everyone. Our focus is on two areas: microfinance and youth education. Through our work, the Foundation is empowering people to lift themselves out of poverty and create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

Mattel's global philanthropy programs and the Mattel Children's Foundation 
Mattel is making a difference in the lives of children in all countries where we have operations and in many of the 150 countries in which Mattel sells its product. In 2006, the Mattel Children's Foundation launched its International Grants Program, representing the first time that the Foundation granted funds outside of the U.S. In 2006, charitable organizations serving children in 38 countries received grants of $25,000 or more each to make a differ...

May and Stanley Smith Trust 
The Trust makes grants to organizations that are recognized as 501(c)(3) public charities by the United States Internal Revenue Service, and to non–U.S. organizations that can demonstrate that they would meet the requirements for such status. The grant award limit is $6,000. The Trust generally funds smaller nonprofit organizations, to which such an amount would make a significant difference. The Trust provides support in the following areas: General...


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