Health Wellness & Research

Walmart Foundation 
The Walmart Foundation strives to provide opportunities that improve the lives of individuals in our communities including our customers and associates. Through financial contributions, in–kind donations and volunteerism, the Foundation supports initiatives focused on enhancing opportunities in our four main focus areas: Education, Workforce Development / Economic Opportunity, Environmental Sustainability, Health and Wellness. The Foundation has a pa...

Western Union Foundation 
The Western Union Foundation furthers our global values by contributing to the improvement of health, human services and education for those most in need. In just over five years, the Foundation has helped generate tens of millions of dollars for international non–profit organizations like the Red Cross and America's Second Harvest–providing disaster relief, education and human service programs.

Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation - National & International Focus 
The Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation supports programs of national and international significance that promote the welfare of human and natural resources. These efforts will enhance the creativity, strengths and skills already possessed by those in need and reinforce the sustaining processes inherent in nature. The Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation's General Program funds projects in the following areas: Arts, Education, Environment, Conservation and Prese...

Whitehall Foundation 
The Whitehall Foundation is a not–for–profit corporation which is focused exclusively on assisting basic research in vertebrate (excluding clinical) and invertebrate neurobiology in the United States. Investigations should specifically concern neural mechanisms involved in sensory, motor, and other complex functions of the whole organism as these relate to behavior. The overall goal should be to better understand behavioral output or brain mech...

William and Flora Hewlett Foundation 
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation makes grants to address the most serious social and environmental problems facing society, where risk capital, responsibly invested, may make a difference over time. The Foundation places a high value on sustaining and improving institutions that make positive contributions to society. Areas of funding interest include Education, the Environment, Global Development, Performing Arts, Population, Health.

William T.Grant Foundation - Education Research - National Focus 
The William T.Grant Foundation currently funds high–quality empirical research, with the ultimate aim of improving the lives of youth ages 8 to 25 in the United States. In 2008, we awarded grants totaling more than $11 million to researchers, policymakers, and practitioners invested in the future of U.S. youth.


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