Environment & Conservation Grants

Schmidt Family Foundation - Environmental Education 
The Schmidt Family Foundation supports efforts, using best expert information, to help transform the world's environmental and energy practices in the 21th century. Our mission, at its broadest, is to advance the creation of an increasingly intelligent relationship between human activity and the use of the world's natural resources.

SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund 
The SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund works with hundreds of organizations, both big and small, around the world. All of these groups share a common goal – protecting animals, people and places. Aiming to achieve long–term conservation success, we support projects that are: 1. Science–based, 2.Solution–driven, 3. Community–oriented.

Shell Oil Company 
During its more than 50–year existence, the Foundation has contributed upward of $500 million to help foster the general well–being of communities where Shell employees live and work. Contributions have enabled non–profit organizations to grow – Areas of funding interest: Environment, Workforce Development / Education, Community Outreach, Health and Welfare.

Shumaker Family Foundation - National & International Focus 
The Shumaker Family Foundation exists to promote Social Justice, Environmental Justice, Education, and Spirituality. Within Education, we favor projects that show the fascination and potentiality of math, physical science, engineering and the Arts to young children who otherwise might not receive such exposure. While we have no geographic restrictions, we only fund international organizations with international activity and out–of–region organi...

Social Justice Fund NW 
Social Justice Fund NW, formerly A Territory Resource, is dedicated to addressing the root causes of social, economic, and environmental inequities. Each year, the fund raises money from its members and friends, and then grants that money to nonprofit social justice organizations in the Northwest and northern Rockies region (Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming).

SRP - Arizona 
SRP will focus its corporate contributions on consistent and meaningful involvement in community issues and programs in the areas of: Education, Arts and culture, Health and human services, Civic leadership, Environmental quality.

Starr Foundation 
The Starr Foundation makes grants in a number of areas, including education, medicine and healthcare (New York City and overseas), human needs (New York City), public policy, culture and the environment. The Foundation makes grants on a national and international basis and solicits specific organizations to submit proposals for funding.

Swanson Family Foundation 
The Swanson Family Foundation was established in 2006 to create a legacy of sharing with the world in the areas of education, leadership, the environment, and health and lifestyle related issues. Grants will be primarily made to organizations providing “hands–on” support to promote a sustainable higher quality of life in the areas of education, environment, leadership and health.

The Acorn Foundation 
Established in 1978, the Acorn Foundation supports projects dedicated to building a sustainable future for the planet and to restoring a healthy global environment. The Acorn Foundation is particularly interested in small and innovative community–based projects which: Preserve and restore habitats supporting biological diversity and wildlife; Advocate for environmental justice, particularly in low–income and indigenous communities; and Prevent...

The Butler Family Foundation 
The Butler Family Foundation is governed by the children and grandchildren of Pat and Aimee Butler. The legacy of the founders continues in the Foundation's priorities of supporting human services, including chemical dependency programs, and the arts. The environment has emerged as a new priority for the Foundation in the last decade. The Trustees of the Butler Family Foundation continue to honor Pat and Aimee's commitment to the betterment of th...


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