Program Related Investments & Loans

Melville Charitable Trust - Connecticut 
The Trust will make available money for general purposes, seed money and support for special projects, including technical assistance. Requests for program related investments (non–grant support such as loans – called PRIs) will also be considered. Support will typically be for one year, although multi–year requests will be considered.

Northwest Area Foundation 
A key strategy for moving low–income people out of poverty is to increase financial assets and build wealth among individuals and in communities. We support efforts that link asset development strategies for greater impact.

Pearl M. & Julia J. Harmon Foundation (Word Document) 
In 1981 the Foundation's Trustees decided to experiment with offering Program–Related Investments in the form of zero interest loans. It was a time of hyper–inflation and charities were having to borrow at high rates just to begin building so rising costs would not make their buildings more expensive faster than they could raise money. Our goal was to establish a revolving fund of loan principal which would enable the Foundation to support...

RSF Social Finance 
Since 1984, RSF has made over $190 million in loans to both nonprofit and for–profit organizations. Borrowers not only receive financing to meet their capital needs; through a close relationship with RSF, each becomes part of a larger community working to change the way the world works with money. If RSF is not the most appropriate source of capital for your organization at the time you contact us, we will do our best to refer you to additional resou...

Skoll Foundation 
The Skoll Foundation's mission is to drive large–scale change by investing in, connecting and celebrating social entrepreneurs and other innovators dedicated to solving the world's most pressing problems. Social entrepreneurs are proven leaders whose approaches and solutions to social problems are helping to better the lives and circumstances of countless underserved or disadvantaged individuals.

Wieboldt Foundation 
The Wieboldt Foundation offers program related investments (PRIs) to support neighborhood development and revitalization. Through program related investments, loans, loan guarantees, or equity investments are available to help community organizations or groups working with low–income people whose work on housing, community economic development, and community ventures require this kind of financing. The Wieboldt Foundation funds Grassroots Community O...


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