New Hampshire Grants

Horne Family Foundation - MA, NH, National & Global Focus 
The Horne Family Foundation's mission is purposely broad, enabling it to support the work of many nonprofits that focus on improving the future for communities on a local, national and international basis. The majority of the Foundation's grants are made in categories that are in alignment with the core values of the foundation: conservation, education, health and human services, the arts, wildlife preservation, international development and reli...

Jessie B. Cox Trust - New England 
The Jessie B. Cox Trust is dedicated to improving the environment and the quality of life for people living in New England. To achieve its goals, the Trust pursues initiatives in three key fields of interest: education, environment, and health. For education, there is a special interest in promoting early learning and quality out–of–school time. Within the field of environment, the Trust focuses on preservation of fresh and marine waters throug...

Lincoln Financial Foundation 
The Lincoln Financial Foundation's approach to local philanthropic giving reflects Lincoln Financial's strong connection to its communities. Recognizing that the employees in its affiliate offices can best determine the needs of their respective communities, Lincoln Financial has created an employee giving network by establishing local Charitable Contribution Committees in our primary business locations. These committees review grant proposals, m...

Linden Foundation 
The Linden Foundation funds non–profit organizations that strengthen disadvantaged and homeless families by helping provide them with the skills and support systems they need to become cohesive, internally supportive, and self–sufficient. Preference is given to comprehensive programs that most directly help those in need, involve multiple family members, provide sustained support to the participants, and are administered by community–base...

Lloyd G. Balfour Foundation - CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT 
The Lloyd G. Balfour Foundation was established in 1973. The Foundation's 3 primary focus areas reflect Mr. Balfour's strong affinity for the employees of the Balfour Company; his commitment to the city of Attleboro, Massachusetts; and his lifelong interest in education. Areas of funding interest are Education; Health; Human Services.

Lydia B. Stokes Foundation - NM, NH, MA, FL 
The Lydia B. Stokes Foundation is committed to the Quaker philosophy of peace, justice and treating all creatures with respect. The Foundation supports building sustainable communities by focusing on social and economic justice, peace initiatives, the environment, women's issues and local food and energy security. Grant making emphasis is in New Mexico, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Florida, but is not limited exclusively to those areas. Grants are...

National Grid Foundation 
The National Grid Foundation was created to enhance the quality of life in areas where we provide services. Our ongoing challenge is to create opportunities for solutions to educational and environmental issues. Our Foundation philosophy is based on the principle that giving people the tools to build hope is an essential ingredient in the development of individuals, families and communities. The National Grid Foundation endeavors to improve the quality of...

New Hampshire Charitable Foundation 
The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation has been working to improve the quality of life in our communities since 1962. Based in Concord, the Foundation roots itself in communities across the state through seven regions including: Lakes, Manchester, Monadnock, Nashua, North Country, Piscataqua and Upper Valley.

New Hampshire Children’s Trust Fund 
The New Hampshire Children's Trust Fund works in partnership with community–based child abuse prevention programs across New Hampshire to keep children safe and families strong. Funding, supporting, and evaluating family strengthening programs is one strategy in our mission of preventing child abuse and neglect. Funded programs cover a wide range of family support services and are dynamic in their approaches to rea

Northeast Utilities - Environment - CT, MA, NH 
NU's Environmental Community Grant Program funds local community and grassroots environmental projects that are often overlooked by large grant programs. Grants between $250 and $1,000 are awarded in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Applications are reviewed by a team of NU employees. Applications are due by April 15 and October 15 of each year.


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