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McConnell Foundation - Northern California 
The McConnell Foundation is an independent foundation located in Redding, California and funding primarily in rural Northern California. We are a broad–based funder and have awarded grants to nonprofit, tax–exempt organizations, public education, and government entities. Since the Foundation began actively making grants in 1989, it has awarded more than $125 million in the areas of Arts & Culture, Community Vitality, Recreation, Social Serv...

McCormick Foundation - Illinois 
The McCormick Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to strengthening our free, democratic society by investing in children, communities and country. The Foundation only funds not–for–profit 501(c)(3) organizations in the following areas: Education, Citizenship, Journalism, Civic, cultural, educational, health and social service institutions. Geographical focus area: Illinois.

McDonnell Family Foundation - CA, CO, KY, OH 
The McDonnell Family Foundation is primarily focused on helping children who do not have the resources or means to provide for themselves. Our goal is to instill in them strong family values, promote self–esteem, and create opportunities for them to develop the skills and moral standards that will empower them to become responsible, self–sufficient, and productive individuals. We plan to accomplish this mission through supporting organizations...

McGraw Foundation 
The Foundation's primary areas of interest are the fields of higher education, particularly in scientific and environmental fields, educational programs at all levels, and human services. Occasionally, grants are made in other areas such as health, medical research and cultural. Grants generally are limited to organizations located in the greater Chicago area.

McGraw-Hill Companies - URL Update - National Focus 
The McGraw–Hill Companies primarily supports initiatives that enhance financial literacy skills and advance economic empowerment. This addresses a crucial need in childhood education, and gives adults an understanding of basic financial concepts and economic principles. In addition to our grants supporting initiatives in financial literacy and economic empowerment, we also contribute to organizations in the following sectors: arts, civic causes, educ...

McGregor Fund - Detroit 
The McGregor Fund considers requests for support from organizations that have received a 501(c)(3) designation letter from the Internal Revenue Service. Grants to relieve misfortune and promote well–being are made in the following program areas: human services, education, health care, arts and culture, and public benefit. The area of principal interest to the McGregors was metropolitan Detroit, and the tri–county area remains the primary focus...

McKay Family Foundation 
The McKay Family Foundation was founded by Miles and Eleanor McKay to provide funding in support of Lane County Charities benefiting Lane County residents. We will consider applications from qualifying nonprofit organizations that are providing programs related to special education, health and social welfare. We will consider grant applications for operation of such programs and for the physical facilities used to carry out the programs.

McKnight Foundation 
The McKnight Foundation assists nonprofit organizations and public agencies to improve the quality of life for all people, particularly those in need. Through grantmaking, coalition–building, and encouragement of strategic policy reform, we aim to strengthen children, families, communities, and the Twin Cities region; enrich people's lives through the arts; encourage protection of the natural environment; and promote research in selected fields....

McKnight Foundation - Greater Minnesota 
We support efforts to strengthen communities, families, and individuals, particularly those in need. We contribute to the arts, encourage preservation of our natural environment, and promote research in selected fields. We continually explore innovative ideas to advance our goals in partnership with those we serve.

McLean Contributionship - Pennsylvania 
Most grants by the McLean Contributionship have been made in the Greater Philadelphia area because of the 100 year business and personal associations of the McLean family. The Trustees are most likely to respond positively when the project: stimulates a better understanding of the natural environment, and encourages the preservation of its important features; encourages more compassionate and cost–effective care for the ill and aging, in an atmospher...


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