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Our Fundraising and Grants Directory is provided at no cost to our visitors. Since 1996 Fundsnet Services has provided resources information about grants, fundraising, philanthropy, foundations and 501(c)(3) non–profits organizations to those in need of funding and research for their their philanthropic efforts and missions. Fundsnet Services.com's purpose is to help spread the word about grants programs initiatives, fundraising programs, philanthropy, foundations and 501(c)(3) non–profits organizations sources by posting related links on this site. We do not offer grants opportunities and we do not provide personal financial assistance but a lot foundations, organizations and private companies do, so we dedicate this site to post such resources on one place making such grants initiatives and resources easier to find for those 501(c)(3) organizations in need of a grant opportunity program to accomplish their philanthropic efforts and missions.

Fundsnet Services.com one the most comprehensive Fundraising & Grantwriting information sites of its kind on the Internet today, is a privately owned Web site (not a 501(c)(3) organization) created in 1996 for the purpose of providing Nonprofit Organizations, Colleges and Universities with information on grants and fundraising resources available on the Internet.

Our popularity has been attained through "fresh" content, and a pro–active marketing strategy. Presently, 40% of our visitors represent a college or university, 30% a nonprofit organization, and the remaining are either consultants, grant writers, or college/high school students. We estimate that 70% of our visitors return to our site to obtain the information we provide, and 80% of all visitors are women.

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Unfortunately, due to our limited funding, Fundsnet Services.com does not provide funding or financial assistance.


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The commissions earned via the above described methods allow us to maintain our site and to continue providing the information we offer free of charge to our visitors. We appreciated you support to our advertisers since they allow us to provide a free resource for you.

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